Climate Solutions

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Many of our conversations about climate focus on the inevitable impacts - but so much is still in our hands. Design Our Climate is a simulation that engages you in an accessible, interactive exploration of the greenhouse gas emissions reductions potential of energy efficiency, renewable energy, land use, and materials actions. Click below, and join the conversation - with yourself, with your friends, with your representatives. Find out what is possible, and what you would like to see the world do to maintain a habitable climate. Let's do our part and join urgent action to keep below 1.5 degrees Celsius increase in global average temperature from pre-industrial times. Become a part of solving the world's fever, we're all in this together! The best way out of despair is action.

Design Our Climate Simulation

Explore the climate effects of global electricity, transportation, land use, building, and materials choices through their rate of greenhouse gas emissions.

If you encounter any problems, you can try the previous beta version.

DOCS Global (above) and Alberta (coming in 2020) are developed by The King's Centre for Visualization in Science through the Energy Efficiency Education Grant of Energy Efficiency Alberta, under the project Accessible Solutions: Visualizing Energy Choices and Climate Implications Embedded in Alberta Narratives. This project is supported by partnerships with the Alberta Council for Environmental Education, Partners in Energy and Environmental Literacy, Energy Futures Lab, and Student Energy.